Monday, July 25, 2011

So what happened Pastor Rick Warren?

I don't have an axe to grind with Rick Warren. I actually think he gets a bad rap most of the time. I think he is wrong about plenty of stuff, but you know what... I am too. So...

Rick... keep growing and changing, searching for the truth. As much as I try I like you... but...

I gotta ask what happened last week? Wasn't a big deal, I just don't Get it. I posted a letter to Mark Driscoll, about another of his stupid manly man comments and apparently you found it, and must have thought it funny, or challenging, or important, because you tweeted it. Then after a relatively short period of time you deleted your tweet. So what gives?

If you later realized I was a jerk (which I could have told you up front) why not tell me? Or if people complained because of other stuff on my blog, you could have told me that. But really, how did you like it enough to tweet about, but then delete your own tweet? Seems odd, and I asked you personally but you didn't answer so I thought maybe you would see this and retweet it, and then you might read it and give me an answer. The way it stands I don't think Mark Driscoll would be very proud of you... Well I guess that isn't a good point :)



Jon Philpott said...

My guess is that he doesn't want to start some kind of celebrity pastor war.

Could you imagine that? all of rick warren's peeps and driscoll's in a giant "300" style show down, each group shouting "NO, YOU'RE UNBIBLICAL" at each other?

Rick Warren said...

John,I told ypu the reason in a TwitterDirect Message when you ased - which you evidently didnt see. That day I accidently deleted 4 tweets in a row without realising it. Later, after 2 funerals, I never bothered to find out which ones and repost them. It obviously wasnt a big deal to me but you evidently took it as rejection. I enjoy Twitter but it certainly isnt important enough to worry about reposting. Second guessing will always get us into trouble.

john jensen said...

Hey Rick thanks for the response I was really just being tongue and cheek. I dis wonder why you deleted it but I figured some of the other stuff I did on here got you in trouble. But no worries just retweet the link and we're even :)

Thanks again for the response and the original tweet


fiodax said...

If it was purposefully tweeted then accidentally deleted, why not just retweet?

Why would Rick Warren take the time to explain and defend the accident, throw in a little finger wagging (John, you shouldn't be second guessing), and then not make the trival act of reaffirming the encouragement by reposting? To me that just seems kind of mean.

The fact of the matter is that Rick Warren is a big deal in the Christian Community, and to have your thoughts validated by him by a tweet is (I imagine) a very encouraging feeling. To have that validation pulled back is discouraging, but can be written off as whatever since there is not a personal connection to the big deal that is Rick Warren.

However, to have the validation pulled back, and then have Rick Warren take the time to tell you that it was just an accident, get over it, it's not worth reposting, stop second guessing. To me that seems now like a personal discouragement.

I think there is at least some netiquette appropriate here when you are a Christian celebrity tweeting another Christians personal blog.

Seem like this could have been a real "lifting up" event for everyone, especially considering that Rick Warren and John seem to me to come from differing streams of Christendom. Now it just seems a little muddled.