Monday, January 31, 2005

Reading this morning

I try and read the bible in the morning when I wake up. Sometimes it gives me something to think about all day, other times it gives me some direction or inspiration for my life, sometimes it is just a bit of discipline that can only help the chaos of my life. This morning I was reading Nehemiah. Seems he was trying to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, and was meeting with a bit of opposition. I noticed a few important points for myself in this:

He got his hands dirty

He prayed alot

He didn't put on airs

I am part of a movement sometimes called the emerging church. We have recognized that in many ways the church has become irrelevent to our generation. We are hoping to see this change. We are trying to "rebuild" the walls, but to do so in a way that is relevent, helpful, and practical, yet still holding the core truths of Jesus message.

In the process there is the danger to become experts, talking about lots of "awesome" churches that are meeting in pubs, cafe's and art studios. But I need to ask myself, whens the last time you fed a hungry person, gave a homeless person a place to stay, or even invited your neighbors over for tea?

We can sometimes get really into strategies, and formulas. We can sometimes let the church become our art work, our calling card, our billboard. I sometimes forget about prayer. Not the kind of prayer where I beg God to give me stuff I want, or give him a task list. But the kind of prayer that centers me, changes my outlook, lets a bit of God rub off on me.

Sometimes we get caught up in the impressiveness of ourselves. I know I am too often my favorite subject. I will take my kings rations, as my just rewards. But Nehemiah shared his table, he didn't let his "status" seperate him from the common man. He carried a sword along with them, he carried tools along with them, but then more importantly he shared his table and his life with them.

I hope I can be a bit more like Nehemiah

the rev

Sunday, January 30, 2005

First blog ever!!!

I thought I would start out with a bang.

Don't have time right now, but I plan on writing tonight, if you are looking for something to do in the meantime, read my profile.

the rev