Tuesday, January 11, 2011

well so much for my plans

been a busy new years so far, between some extra work and some trips to the hospital, kidney stone related, I have not had much time to record a video or write. But I have the best of intentions.


Saturday, January 01, 2011


I have decided to start the new Year off with at least a few months clear of Facebook and Twitter. I am also going to start a diet and work out plan with the goal of getting to better health in the new year. But I have also realized that both in my work and in my ministry I have allowed life to happen rather than taking initiative. I am hoping to start a discipline of both study and writing for the next year.

My goal will also to regularly post here, including my videos which I have slacked off on.

I would like to thank my community in Long Beach for all the love and acceptance over the past year. I would like to express my thankfulness for my best friend and confidant Chris Wight coming to live with us soon. I am thankful for the friends I have made this last year especially the Outlaw Preachers . I am thankful for the amazing mentors I have had both in the past and in the present with particular memory of Bud Suitor who passed recently, and Ched Myers, Neil Cole and Sean Ferill. And I would like to say thanks for some co conspirators in Christi and Kevin Bowman, and Geoff and Sherry Maddox, as well as Khad and the crew at Metamorphosis and the wonderful Al and Deb Hirsch and friends at LA Tribe.

May this arbitrary designation of time, be filled with the coming of God's non violent kingdom

woo hoo