Tuesday, January 11, 2011

well so much for my plans

been a busy new years so far, between some extra work and some trips to the hospital, kidney stone related, I have not had much time to record a video or write. But I have the best of intentions.



Anonymous said...

Hospital trips are a worthy excuse.

Lahi said...

Hope you're feeling better Rev.


vanessa verdusco said...

Hello john...you don't know me. But apparently my family has known you for years and you once lived with my parents back when.I told my mama about your post of buddy she loved it. Lord knows she misses him. But she couldn't believe I had run into a blog from you. My mom n dad are lupe and arnold verdusco. They are still livin in corona.and my mom an dad would love to hear from you. She needs some good newws and a comforting word. If u could callher I know that would make her day. 9513711709. Thank u.ps I'm the bby of the fam but u would prob remember their other kids arnie(died in 02) joe patty an adela.