Saturday, July 16, 2011

Any questions?

It seems that many people, from many backgrounds, have visited my blog to see this letter I created in a few minutes, to express my frustration with Mark Driscoll. But some of these people have looked at a few other posts, and have expressed some level of curiosity, or interest in my blog. Or since its an extension of me, me. So if you have any questions for me, about my life, ministry, or beliefs and practice, ask them here and I will answer them as well as I can.



Grace said...

Have you ever considered going to Burning Man? You and my hub would have a great time hanging out together. He is 5'10" and 230lbs of muscle, and daydreams of a late-in-life MMA career. He goes out there with some friends to show love in inclusive ways...that's how he met Alan.

john jensen said...

I have talked about burning man with my wife, and Al and Deb and many many others. I probably will not go for a few reasons:

I am still uncomfortable with nudity, especially my own :)

I have only so much vacation time and I would rather spend it on spiritual retreat with my wife, or with my direct community, and occasional speaking gigs

I actually think the bigger it gets the less I would enjoy it, and its huge now

I believe its a wonderful event, and understand why people go. I get why they experience a "spirituality" there. But I just don't want to go.


Chris Lorensson said...

Spark for conversation:

Why have you and your family chosen to 'minister' outside a mega-church context for so many years? Can you expand on this a bit for me John?

john jensen said...

Over the years I have found that the structure of church that we see today, in both denominational and non-denominational churches, does not reflect scripture in three basic ways:

It does not reflect a small groups, house based, community based group that we see in acts and the epistles

It does not provide room for every joint supplying, real discipleship, and true submission one to another

It does not embody an anti-hierarchical, anarchic, power under model of "politic" that we read of from cover to cover in the scriptures

Now I can get into the various scriptural supports for this, as well as the common theme of liberation woven throughout scripture if anyone desires, please feel free to ask, it will just make this post very long.

But what we have seen in scripture, we have watched be reflected in our experience. These small communities, (when not run as mini regular churches), are more disciple making, missional and reflect the kingdom in the most amazing of ways. All of the gifts of each member are known and utilized. The bible is discerned by a community of people infilled with the spirit rather than an expert with a degree in doctrine. The day in day out interaction with each other forces us to deal with issues that require a full Christian experience of confrontation, forgiveness and exhortation.

And another thing that cannot be skipped, particularly in this culture. These kind of churches are anti consumerist. In a world that has sold out to an idea that you buy the best product, the church has adopted this methodology and become another consumer choice. We seek to move well beyond the more bang for the buck mentality. We have not lights, no band, no website, or awesome childrens program. We eat together like a family does, with children accepted in our midst. We spend time together as a group and as individuals, like a family does.

And I think lastly, this kind of church does not lend itself to the cult of personality(, that can lead to some pretty dangerous stuff. I even asked permission of my group before I started my teaching videos online, as I wanted their support, and accountability. (btw will start those up again, hopefully today)


Sean said...

Hi, first time posting on your blog - like many I got pointed here by a friend who was moved by your post in reference to Driscoll's ministry... Thought you might be interested in his recent comment on the whole episode that I think sparked off your thought trail - seems his elders have kept him accountable and ensuring he's on a path of wisdom rather than flippant-ry (!). Will read your blog with interest, Blessings for now, Sean

gord said...
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