Wednesday, November 30, 2005

So I go to the clinic

They tell me they are full for the day. I do to another clinic, they tell me I will have to wait an hour, or I can make an appointment for later. I make an appointment for later. I come back five minutes early for my appointment, and sit for an hour til I am seen.

Why is this such a hard concept for people to understand? I understand running a bit behind, but if you can't see me at 1:45 then don't tell me to come at that time.

the rev

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Big Heavy J said...

Don't I know it. I had my first knee reconstruction in the public system (Royal Perth Hospital). Every meeting with the surgeon involved waiting for up to 5 hours. They had two times for which all people were to attend,9am or 1pm. No attempt is even made to stagger the times given. Is it because the medical practitioners time is so supremely more important than everyone elses, and a lost minute of thier time is worth 5 hours of ours? Well I learned my lesson and I "enjoyed" the benefits of medical insurance for my next knee recon.