Monday, November 28, 2005

Back from Perth

What a great time I had this weekend, despite being sick.

Started getting sick on Tuesday, was pretty bad on Wednesday. Then we had our thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. Had a bunch of friends over to eat some traditional American thanksgiving food and share what we were thankful for. Was a lot of fun, and a lot of work. I felt pretty bad.

Well then I had to run around Friday morning, jump on a plane and go to Perth. But I love Perth and my friends there so I was looking forward to it. Met up with Phil Baker right off the plane, and discussed what we would be doing at Riverview Church on Sunday night. He seemed like a good guy and we talked about art, and bullfighting, and cricket and a few more things.

Then I went to do a postcards event for Andrew Hamilton, and FORGE Western Australia. This is the second time I have come out to speak to some of the emerging church crowd in Perth, and I always feel so at home there. It was very easy to share my heart, and to explain what I felt was the mission of the emerging church. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. But afterwards I was wiped out.

The next morning we had a bit to eat and then off to teach some Brazilian jiu jitsu, and mixed martial arts. Six hours of teaching later and I was again feeling a bit wiped out. We went back to my mate Gerald's house. We had a great barbeque, and a lot of laughs. But not too much sleep. My codral cold medication was running short.

Sunday morning we got an early start. I did a bjj lesson, and then another seminar with both bjj and mma. There was a good turn out and a great bunch of guys. I only managed to injure one person and that is always great. Another barbie was fired up, had some nice snags and then off to shower and change for Riverview.

Riverview was a big church. Not really used to them anymore. The level of excellence they obviously strive to uphold was easily apparent. The service was full of energy, great music and Phil Baker was inspiring. I smiled as he started his message talking about Acts Chapter 2 and one of my favorite passages. He interviewed me for about fifteen minutes and the church was very generous in an offering, and then a nice dinner with some fantastic beer. I was now praying for death, and strange green bubble gum seemed to be coming from deep in my chest.

The next morning I got up early, packed, got a ride into the city with Gerald, and had breakfast with my friend Stacy. I met up with internet acquaintance and radio celebrity Lance for a coffee overlooking the river. The conversation was compelling, and I think I learned a lot and was challenged a bit. The coffee was bad and I drank just a bit. Stacy picked me up and we grabbed a quick lunch while watching a bit of the cricket, and I jumped on a plane.

Landing when your sinus cavities are swollen and filled is kind of like sticking knives in your ears. Trying to sleep while an avalanche of flesh is slowly pouring over the armrest and invading your personal space is even less fun. Taking a cab ride home at one o’clock in the morning with a wanna be formula one racer is the best way to settle into a nice sleep.

It was a full on weekend but I am so blessed to have went. Thanks to everyone that welcomed me and to those who were so generous with their time, their homes and their money.

the rev

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kevin said...

Rev - i think Perth is my favorite place on earth. I happened to be there last year when they were having an outdoor concert at King's Park - probably a 300 piece orchestra - the whole trip was like a fantastic dream. I could live there.