Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Aussies go to the world cup!!!

Well, I am not a huge soccer fan, but tonight was awesome. I went to a pub with a friend of mine and we watched the game, the socceroos against Uraquay. What an exciting game! What an exciting night.

It is different being in a public place, being with the people who live and die with the team. The whole pub sang the national anthem. They shouted, cheered and chanted through the whole game. Many beers were consumed. Then when we won the shoot out, it was magical. Grown men jumping up and down, hugging each other, singing together. I was caught up in the sheer jubilation.

Some things I learned:

The refs hate Australia

Keanou Reeves is not the worst actor in the world, there were atleast six examples of worse acting on the football pitch

Taking off your shirt is somehow good luck

Drunk Aussies show affection to complete strangers when their team is winning

Spewing is always sad, and disgusting, but more so after such an awesome event

I still feel a bit like an outsider, though I am still accepted

I don't know the words to the Australian anthem, and I can't really fake it

My friend texted me right after the game and said he has been waiting for this his entire life. The last time the Aussie team qualified for the world cup was in 74. I was very happy for him, but still think soccer is boring. Unless you watch it with a hundred insane, drunk fanatics. Would have been perfect if we had a few fights :)

the rev


backyardmissionary said...

you oughta be a misho in England - then you'd see fights!

Anonymous said...

hey johno its tim cameron from blackburn church of christ here. We met on VCE camp, hooked into your site through John Owen's blog that i was checking out since he's OS. man i think you have way to much time on your hands. Do you ever sleep? whats with posts at 4 in the morning bro? seriously?! anyway good to see a bit more insight into the nutcase i barely know

catcha soon bud