Saturday, November 05, 2005

Cricket on the weekend

We won!!!

We batted well last weekend. I held up my end of the tail. Got eight runs, and wasn't out when our innings were over. Those eight runs included my first boundry, so I was pretty excited.

I was also very glad we were batting instead of fielding. I attempted to adjust my bowling action a bit to be quicker and a bit flatter, wanting to cut down on my bounce. The results were, I completely lost my form. I was all over the place, I was worried if the captain gave me the ball, I wouldn't have been able to hit the pitch. But we batted. What a relief!!!

Over the week I didn't get to the nets because it was raining a bit and I was very busy. But I started to pull it back together at training on Thursday. Yesterday morning I bowled a few before the match and I felt pretty good, I wanted the ball.

I fielded energetically as I usually do. Saved a few runs, but dropped a catch. Luckily my drop didn't cost us much. Late in our innings they gave me the ball, and I was hoping things would go alright. The ball was coming out really well. I bowled two overs and they only scored three off of me. I was dropped once at slip but it was a very difficult catch. But the ball was really turning, bouncing nice and high, and I even bowled a wrong'in that completely fooled the batter. The other bowler wound up taking the eighth wicket, but they didn't have the last two batsmen, so they were all out for 120 and we won by ninety odd runs. I was disappointed though, because I really wanted to keep bowling.

Made me very anxious to get back out on the pitch, I love this game

the rev


andy, adam, rory, jessie, deano and barro said...

go warney, how is the action coming along, does it feel smooth yet??? dam i was really hoping to play this year but the back just won't hold up, rory my 14 year old is playing juniors in the morning and seniors in the arvo, there are a few dads and sons playing there, so maybe after christmas i might sneak one in. But it's been good with my boys, jack also plays U/13's in the morning, so i run btwn the 2. I missed Rory's forst hit with the seniors the other day though due t being in Thailand with unoh, he hit 43 with 8 boundaries and was caught on the fence, his highest score by far and his first hit against the big boys. So i enjoy it from afar...


Digger said...

Nice work mate, keep up the good work. Very satisfy smashing one to the fence hey!

Anonymous said...

As I was up the other end I will let you all know it was a magnificent shot and If I hadnt got out the Rev looked like he was on his way to a big score (though at number 10 my 28 was fairly spectacular even if I do say so my self)

The Rev said...

Josh, was slamming the ball all over the place. The bowlers were so frustrated trying to get our number ten out, that they served me up some lollypops :)

Welcome to my site Josh

the rev