Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I am crook, (sick to you americans)

I started coming down with something last Tuesday, felt really bad on Wednesday and worse on Thursday, but with my Thanksgiving dinner and trip to Perth coming I could not stop to whinge about it. I powered through, even felt better on Friday, and Saturday, but Sunday I wasn't feeling so good, and Monday I was getting it back. Now I feel like utter crap.

I have our intensive this weekend, and am having to make a lot of adjustments because I just can't seem to get the stuff done. I will be there, I will fulfill my responsibilities admirably I hope :) But man, why did this have to happen now? The busiest part of the year.

I know there are medical reasons why times of stress make it easier for us to catch a bug and harder to kick it. I also know there a spiritual reasons for the same thing. I also know that prayer sometimes helps and sometimes doesn't. Makes me wonder:

Have I been regularly having a sabbath? A time to allow my body to recover, for my mind to rest in the Lord? For my priorities to be re-instated and assessed? Well who has time for that? Not me?

I have decided that this sickness is God's grace on me, you see I couldn't play cricket these two weekends anyways, so God in His love and mercy has allowed all of my summer sickness to be compressed into these two weeks so I don't miss any matches.

God is good!

the rev

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