Thursday, December 01, 2005

My daughter laughing

Went to bed a bit early tonight, had taken the sleeping pill the doctor gave me since I haven't been sleeping much because of my sickness. Was figuring it would be kicking in soon. I left her watching Billy Connely's world tour of New Zealand. Which is usually a very interesting sometimes funny show.

As I layed in bed not sleeping I hear my daughter laughing. What a beautiful sound. I felt my lips pulling back into a giant smile as I enjoyed my daughters laughter. I thought to myself that if I am truly made in the image of God, then He must take great joy in our laughter as well. Though the carrying of our cross, and the denying ourselves is serious business, it is business to be carried out with a joy, and an appreciation for God's medicine for the soul, laughter.

I am blessed to hear my daughter laugh. I am blessed to laugh with her. And God is blessed to watch His children smile and laugh and enjoy life. I pray that in our endeavours to reach people, to help people, to stand against injustice, and with the poor and the marginalized, we will also know the joy of laughter. We will also share the joy of laughter. And so doing, make our Daddy smile.

the rev


Kitty Cheng said...

Hey I agree with you. Laughter is a great medicine, and I enjoy a good laugh too. Have you read Charles Swindoll's book "Laugh Again - Experience Outrageous Joy". It's great!

KLJ said...

That's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hey John, You sure they weren't laughing at you moping around being sooky and sick?

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how being sick can bring out the philosopher in you. I once read the entire works of Ludwig Wittgenstein whilst in a delerious stupor, and they made as much sense to me then as they would have had I not been.