Tuesday, December 13, 2005

there is no race problem!!! sure there isn't

Some stuff I have read on an Australian martial arts forum.

"I'm surpised it took so long to happen, the lebos have been out of control for over 10 yrs in Sydney... "

"I think this kind of thing has been brewing for some time. i dont even live in sydney but even i have heard plenty of stories about the lebs and i think it's about time we AUSSIES started to stand up to this sh#t. I also think that most of Australia shares this view. I think this is just the beginning and we will see this happen in other parts of Australia also. "

"Most lebanese youths have no respect. Aussie familys should be able to go out to the beach and not feel intimidated or be harassed. It's a shame but, Sydney has been ruined by ethnics and there gangs and gutless tactics. "

"The flawed ideology of multiculturalism has reared it's ugly head.
Unfortunately for us, it is something that is enforced by our self-serving politicians of vested interest and we, the average Aussies, end up footing the bill as a result of having what's supposed to be good for us dictated to us from nanna. "

These quotes are not all from one person either. Now there are other posts as well condemning what happened, and saying how upset they are. But the fact is this is a racial issue and must be dealt with as such. The recent issues with Muslim extremist terrorism, and the politics behind it only fuel the fires.

Atleast it hasen't escalated to the levels of US riots. Was a bit scary being in Southern Cal during the LA riots.

the rev


KLJ said...

WOW! That is some scary stuff. I have trouble believing that the drunk crazed looking honkeys I saw in the pictures were having their attempts at a peacefull civilized life wrecked by these Lebs.

Anonymous said...

Having lived in Sydney, I can say that the Muslim Lebanese were extremely unpopular and I don't believe this is a race issue. If it was then the problem would be with not just Lebanese, but all non anglo-saxon immigrants, but it's not. It's targetted at one small ethnic minority.

The posts from that forum show it's specific to Muslim Lebanese only.

Anonymous said...

This has become a race issue simply because it has been perpetuated via a culture issue. I have friends and acquaintences of many ethnic backgrounds, including Lebanese, and it is my strong opinion that the problems with lebanese gangs in Sydney is a culture issue - from birth, a good deal of these young men have been pampered and conditioned to believe that they ARE superior to anglo-Australians, and that it is perfectly acceptable to treat them badly. The mob/gang mentality that many seem to possess is a strange perversion of their family values and community secularity.

I blame the parents, and a culture that allows this kind of behaviour to be tolerated. This goes for everyone - Lebanese, Australian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Greek, Italian - it doesn't matter... kids need to be taught respect for EVERYONE from a young age, and if that doesn't happen then this is the outcome.

john jensen said...

As a parent I can honestly say that it is never ever the parents fault


I agree with you, it should not be a racial thing but it is.

the rev

KLJ said...

I hear it being suggested by the anonymous posts that the Lebanese Muslims asked for it. The responsibility being put on them and not on the drunk crazed young thugs that I see in large numbers on my tv screen.
To say that the Lebanese are not blameless in the bad race relations is one thing, but I think the lynch mob going nuts on random people based on their ethnicity is going to have to be blamed on the lynch mob and deemed inexcusable.

Anonymous said...

It may well be forgotten that at least 25-30 years ago in Melbourne, Lebanese youths would hunt down torment, racially abuse and often bash Aussie teenagers on city streets for as little as daring to look sidewyas at them.

This gang known as the Lebanese Tigers was a pretty vicious crew and often gathered in groups of 100 or more.

But, how would I know that?

Because I was one of the many victims of these youths.....and my crime? No crime, just a young Aussie soldier in uniform in the wrong place at the wrong time. Apparently they didn't like Aussie soldiers for some reason or other.

So guys, don't think this problem with Lebanese youths in Sydney is particular to that area or in fact a new issue.

But, what we should look at is why these kids are like this. I think it has something to do with the conflicts/war many of them were brought up with or have had to face as they grew up. Violence is a way of life for them and they are conditioned to this violence from a very young age.

My name's Shane...I like cricket.

Anonymous said...

Rev... Your a Dic****Head... Ok so I have come across this many years later.. But I feel I have to say something..... I am a Christian Lebanese living in this wonderful country. How dare you say multiculturalism does not work. Lebanese have been migrating here since the 1880's just look around you and see how the Lebanese have to shaped sydney Melbourne and even Brisbane.... Do a bit of research you fool before you run your mouth you racist......... So some kids bashed a lifeguard that right kids... Why do they have to be tagged becuase there Lebanese and if they were famous scientist thats right they'd be Australian

john jensen said...

not sure what your point is there, I thought I was agreeing that there is a racism problem. Every one of those statements is a quote from someone else that I am using to show that racism still exists, and is the reason and cause behind what happened in Cronella. Maybe read a bit more carefully next time.


Anonymous said...

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