Thursday, December 22, 2005


Every year for many years I was expected to come up with a Christmas teaching. They were supposed to be different from the last few years, unique, inspiring etc. Sometimes I would let it really wind me up, and sometimes I would have something I really wanted to share. But ultimately, how many times could you say the same thing a different way?

This year I would just say this, Jesus came to us. He came humbly. He was a fragile little baby. Relied on others to feed Him, change his dirty nappies, and protect Him. The voice that spoke the universe into being, was now voiceless, just the gurgle and ga ga of a tiny child. The creator of the universe, as this fragile, humble little thing. This is how it started.

The little baby, ofcourse, grows into an amazing man. But still suffers with hunger, tiredness, aching muscles. His status in society is one of menial labourer. He is looked down upon, made fun of, and has His lineage questioned.

He starts His ministry by submitting to another. Picks the most unlikely group to be His followers, fishers, tax gatherers, zealots. He hangs out with a very un-important crowd. His last great act of defiance, is the lowering himself to common slave status washing even the betrayers feet. And then gives His life, the life of the Creator, for us.

I wish this Christmas for Christ to come and be born in me. And I also pray I will allow Him to be the same servant, giving up power, for love.

the rev


kat said...

thanks jon. i really appreciated reading your post - i love thinking that at some point, Jesus was the same as as i am. he was 26 once.

to imagine yourself in the crowd, listening to him speak, daring to ask him to heal your sick mother. following him around, watching the way he treats others, trusting him with your life and seeing him put to death. what on earth would i be thinking.

Richard said...

One of the best messages speculated that perhaps part of the reason for this diametric opposite (that is the Creator becoming the Created) can be found in God’s penchant for offending our minds to reveal the desires of our hearts. IOW, the religious people of the day expected the Messiah to come charging in on a war horse and even to come into the world in a grandiose way. But nope, didn’t do that. Born in the mud and muck of a stable. The religious people of the day couldn’t buy any of it from the beginning.

Btw, I was blessed to write and lead an Advent service this year. It rocked. Read more about it here if you wish: And I have you to thank you in part for infecting me with the liturgy bug long ago (a cool Pentecost service in OC comes to mind). Involve the 5 senses I remember you saying.

Well…hope it was a blessed Christmas for you and your family, Jon!

- Rich Burley

Richard said...

Oops...meant to say "One of the best messages I'VE HEARD...".