Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Not a big fan of the word. Makes me feel pretty inadequate. Never been a very disciplined person for the most part. But the strange thing is, I am capable of intense discipline for short periods of time, or even extended periods if I have a goal. Training for an mma fight I would be able to watch my diet meticulously, train very hard even when others weren't watching. Continue well past the pain threshhold. I remember getting to a point where I just did what Javier Vazquez and Romie Aram said. Didn't matter that I couldn't breath properly, that my legs were burning, that I literally was having trouble just standing up. If they said one more wind sprint, then one more wind sprint it was.

I remember one morning at seven oclock, I was in the basement of Millennia Jiu Jitsu, where I trained for my fights. There was noone around. I was doing laps of bear crawls, wind sprints, step ups, squats and pushups. I was trying to push myself beyond that quiting instinct. While I was on all fours trying to race around the mat, I felt like God spoke to me. He said this is where the battle is won. When no one is looking, when you are all by yourself.

I knew He wasn't talking about the fight, but rather life. Life has been called a fight, a marathon, a contest. But often we only perform when the lights are on and the crowd is cheering. But it is how we behave when no one is watching that really matters, that is where the game is won.

I have been getting up early each morning before the wife and kids are up, and going to the nets to practice my bowling. This little act of discipline, which has the very selfish goal of helping me to perform better at cricket, has reminded me of the need for my discipline in my God life as well. So I pray, I read, I remember the sacrifice of Jesus, and I bowl some leg breaks.

I hope I win!

the rev


KLJ said...

Competition has been a big part of your spiritual life.
How do you avoid the negative qualities of competition?
It seems so many people make a bad thing of their competitive nature, so it's verry interesting to me how you use this nature for growth.

Anonymous said...

Great message.