Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Would like to address a few of Phil Shepherds comments

Phil guest posted while I was gone, and I felt I needed to reply to a few of the things he said:

First, I don't think the book of revelation is the most awesome book.  I have struggled with it, even struggling just to read it, for my whole Christian life.  I have the same problems with the book that Phil has.  I have learned to appreciate it more seeing a better, more historical, look at it.  It is definitely not the escapist mantra that you hear repeated in many circles.  What I was explaining to Phil however, is this new commentary I was reading was really making me excited about the book, and seeing it in a different light.  The commentary is part of the Brazos series, and is written by Joseph Mangina.  It is wonderful, and I think everyone would like it.

Secondly, I don't really think I am like Shane Claiborne on acid.  That is a ridiculous assertion...
I am more like Shane Claiborne on steroids and a weight room.

And lastly, I agree completely, that we are to love each other through our disagreements.  It is very important that we learn to be the church united in love.  I love my brother Phil, even though he cannot see the obvious errors in his thinking.  :) 

There is an old Christian legend that John the revelator, an elder in the church at Ephesus would be asked to speak to the congregation every Lord's day.  And every Lord's day he would stand up, and say, "little children, love one another" and then he would sit down.  Finally he was asked, "John, you walked with Jesus, you saw Him walk on water, you felt his resurrected body, you listened to his sermons, don't you have anything else to tell us besides love one another?"

John said, "when you learn to do that, I will tell you something new"

Well, I haven't learned to do that with everyone, or everything yet, but I do love Phil


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S.Hamm said...

so if you are the Shane Claiborne on steroids and a weight room, I guess that makes me your Tony Campolo in regards to steroids and the weight room :)

great blog John, I think this may be my first comment on your blog