Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last night at our community gathering

We watched the movie Waste Land .  This film tracks artist Vic Muniz as he works with the trash and the trash people of Rio DeJaneiro Brazil's infamous landfill Jardim Gramacho. It is a very powerful film, that speaks to many issues, including the issues that come from our "helping" those less fortunate.

We discussed the film and its impact afterward and it was a wonderful night. 

I highly recommend this movie, it raised more questions than it answered, but for me, it cemented the idea that creativity is so important to each and everyone of us.  If we lose the ability to imagine, we lose the ability to hope.



jackdinz said...

To think is to create.

David said...
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john jensen said...

David, your first comment was valid, and you can write it back. Your second comment had nothing to do with the topic so I removed it. I am also quite tired of your games, and your online persona. Please feel free to continue to come here, and ask hard questions if you like, but your insulting posts are just going to be deleted so seriously why bother. I will also not insult you.