Friday, September 09, 2011

Guest posters over my vacation

I leave tonight for Zion National Park. A week of camping with my wife is definitely needed and cherished, especially in such a beautiful setting. There will be some canyoneering, some hiking, and lots of kicking back around a fire, resting. But I would not be able to enjoy my time away know that I was depriving you, my dear readers of intellectual stimulation...

Ok, I would be able to enjoy myself, and I am not that stimulating. But this gives me an excuse to have some wonderful people post on my blog.

Over the next few days you will hear from among others, my eldest daughter, my brother the atheist comedian, and some dear friends from around the interwebs. I hope you will tune in, comment, and maybe even argue a bit. Just be nice, cause when daddy gets back you don't want him to be in a foul mood.


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