Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Books that inspired me (will be an ongoing series)

I read Christianity and Anarchy, by Jaques Ellul, many years ago. It was an amazing book, it made so much sense, and helped me to understand many things I had seen over the years. This book suggested that what God actually desired for us, was to live in an anarchic, mutually subordinate and loving community. That throughout the scriptures we see this. And that in imitating the hierarchy of the world, we were in fact rejecting God.

This book changed my life, my mind, and my heart. What it didn't do, was show me what to do with it all. How does this effect my church, missional work, social work, and even parenting? I did not feel like I knew, but had to just struggle with the ideology and try to figure out my own way. This was a wonderful book, and I think everyone should read it. However, the books I want to talk about today are "Christianarchy" and "Not Religion, but Love" by Dave Andrews

In Christianarchy Dave basically speaks about how Christian Anarchy is lived out in an empowering community. He gives examples of how our current structures hurt people, and how we can live out an alternative. It is a controversial book, as he names names, and expresses his own alienation and hurt. But this book changed my life and ministry so much. Dave, gave me encouragement for what I had already started doing, and encouragement to imagine ways to go much further, and a history to associate with. What was really wonderful, was when I needed help figuring some of this stuff out, he made himself personally available, to help me.

In Not Religion but Love, Dave takes that theme even deeper. He talks about how we live in a community, and work for the empowering of that community. Not spreading our religion, but spreading the empowering love of Christ to all, even those of differing faiths, or no faith. He speaks about working for justice from a place of love, not power. For being alongside of rather than reaching down to. He talks about being the change you want to see in the world. Many people think this book is more important, and better than Christianarchy. I think they both are brilliant, and stand on their own.

Both of these books have changed my life, as has Dave and the waiters union, and I love them dearly.

not religion but love


I also have a few copies of each of these that I would like to share with people, I will send them to the first four who ask for each, but I would ask you pay for postage, and then if possible make a donation, as I paid quite a bit to buy them and ship them over.



Pierce said...

I would love a copy of Christianarchy. How much would it be if a copy is still available?

john jensen said...

you can send me an email and we will get the info for postage. As to the price of the book, whatever you can spare. I spent more than a book should cost in America, as books are more expensive in Australia and I had to get them shipped here. I am more concerned with getting the books out than making my money back.

pinnedagain2001 at yahoo dot com


David said...

Why are Dave Andrew's books for sale rather than provided as a free download?

Just another Christian cunt profiteering from the Gospel.

David said...

Did St Paul collect royalties on his letters to Timothy?

john jensen said...

Well you get paid for what you do for a living don't you david? Of course Dave, mostly doesn't, so he makes a little money off his books. But you are right, despite the fact that he lives in a shared house, in a poor neighborhood, and volunteers almost all his time, never asking for an offering, and basically living well under the poverty line, for all of his adult life...

He is in it for the money, just like me. You caught us David, good on ya mate. We are swindlers, just like that mother teresa


David said...

St. Paul had time for both the work of God and to earn income. Unlike the parasites you see in churches today. How many pastors also run successful money-making businesses on the side, not just selling "resources" at the back of the church?

Maybe the church would be better off if real people ran them.

john jensen said...

well David, I work a full time job and don't take a cent from the church. And I do believe that is the best model. Dave doesn't take money from his church either as far as I know, he gets money from his side work, and book sales.

but you are correct and we are in agreement, just not in regards to Dave of myself.