Monday, August 15, 2011

Its been over a month now (feedback wanted)

posting a blog every day, cept only one on the weekend. So should I keep up the pace? slow down a bit? Start posting two a day? Start doing my videos again?

How bout some feed back



John E. Smith said...

Hi - started following you a few weeks ago, so coming late to the party.

What's your goal with blogging every day? Increased followers? More Interaction?

Follow-up: Are you meeting that goal?

If the answer is yes to the second question, full speed ahead:) If not, consider changing up.

Personally I blog daily on several platforms and plan to continue, but that's because doing so benefits me whether anyone reads the posts or not. I don't even check my analytics very often, so unless someone responds, I have no idea what other people are doing with my words and thoughts.

I find your stuff interesting, for what that's worth:)

Sorry, know you need more specific feedback, but without knowing the context for the daily blogs, this is best I can do.


Final Anonymous said...

I vote for: blog when you feel you have something to say. ; )

I found your blog during the Mark Driscoll fiasco. Pastors like him and today's institutional church have me almost completely. burned out. of Christianity. I am gritting my teeth and forging through every day but at this point I am only hanging on to Christianity by a thread.

Your words give me hope. Maybe that is just because they parallel my own thinking on some subjects, but it is nice not to be the ONLY one. I feel fed and affirmed and encouraged with what I read here, and at the moment I am not getting that at church or anywhere else (in a spiritual sense. Good life, great family, wonderful husband, just not being spiritually fed. And I SO need that).

Hope that is some encouragement to you, and helps in your decision making.

gord said...

i say blog when you feel like it John or when you feel you have something to say. either way, keep it up as I enjoy your blogs.

Patricia said...

I also got introduced to your blog through a link after the Mark Driscoll brouhaha, and found your response to be very well done. I'm still trying to get a grasp of what your blog is really about. Not sure if you welcome a lot of varying perspective and dialogue, if this is truly an online community, or just a place where you and others say their mind, as most preachers do on Sunday mornings without much opportunity for feedback. Certainly there are a lot of people like myself who are leaving or have left evangelical churchianity after being in it almost lifelong (I'm 45), and conversely, there are those who are judgmentally condemning to hell those like me with their otherworldly preoccupations. Those who have left churchianity have not necessarily left Christ, though like Final Anonymous noted, may be hanging by a thread, and the internet is probably the only means to find discussion and encouragement, since churches are pretty much dead end cliques.

john jensen said...

Patricia, I really want more dialogue, and discussion. I hope to have a lot of back and forth and differing opinions. I usually fight for my beliefs pretty strongly, which can alienate some people, but I am trying to be better about that.


Lahi said...

Even if its not every day, I hope you keep posting regularly. I get a lot out of it, I know others do too.