Thursday, August 11, 2011

On Saturday its my 23rd Anniversary

On August 13th in 1988, in front of a hundred or so people, in a rustic stone chapel in Riverside, I married Raquel Foster. Best thing I have done in my life apart from beginning my journey to follow Jesus. We were "too young," not "financially secure," and didn't really have a good plan for the rest of our lives. But, against these odds we have made it through 23 years.

It has not been easy. We had two wonderful daughters right away, which is quite a lot to deal with for a teen aged bride and an idiot husband. We suffered through long times of unemployment. Issues with depression, and anxiety. Ministry ups and downs. Seemingly ostracized from the church at times. We were facing disapproval of our families for many of our decisions. Our own theologies changed so radically, that what we now live and breath as the kingdom message of Jesus, would have shocked us as newlyweds.

Yet we walked ever single step together. And here we are. I can say without any hint of sentimentality, that my wife is my best friend, and I am more in love with her than I ever have been. She constantly amazes me with her wisdom, and deep compassionate love for God and people. She is a helpful guide, and teacher to me, and our church. She is a fixture in our neighborhood as she faithfully and lovingly manages a local coffee shop. And her heart for the outcast has never been stronger.

23 years ago I had no idea what I was doing, but I did really well anyways. I pray my daughters do as well as I did.



Patricia said...

That's kinda weird .... Saturday is ALSO my and my husband's 23rd wedding anniversary. We have 2 sons, one starting college and one starting high school.

john jensen said...

Wow that is really cool our girls are 20 and 22