Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday morning message part three(a day late)

We then moved on to communion. I shared how in the litugies there were two important bits to prepare our hearts to take communion, the first is the prayer of confession:

Father, I ask you to forgive me for my sins this week. I have often been selfish, I have treated my wife and children with annoyance at times. I have often dwelt upon things I would like to have that would make my life more comfortable and easy. I have wasted time building my own kingdom, rather than participating in yours. I have gossiped, and let my toungue be unrestrained. Please forgive me Lord, and make me clean.

Please feel free to post a prayer of confession if you will, but if you want to post pictures I might have to edit them :)

The second is the Statement of our Faith, or the Apostles Creed:

I think again the words may sometimes fade into absent memorized nothingness. So we wrote our own statement of faith, and then we took communion.

I belive in Jesus, the center of all things. I believe He was sent by the Father to show us the way, to reveal the truth, and to give us life. I believe He became a man so that He could truely be our brother, and suffered the humilation of humanity. He died for our sins and rose again so that even death would be destroyed. He is the victorious saviour. I believe He sent the SPirit to guide, empower and instruct us. I believe we are now called to be Gods missionaries to all of the earth, until God brings the entire earth under the rulership of the kingdom of God.



David said...

Can you ever move beyond a state of faith into a state of fact?

Can these beliefs ever become so clearly true - like the sky is blue - that you no longer need to prepare yourself to restate them in a ritual of communion?

Can relationship with God be so natural that only the occasional glance across the room is necessary to maintain it.

Maybe I'm looking at it from the wrong side. Perhaps you've already moved into this phase, and now closer communion with God becomes something to be sought.

(But I'm not sure - atheists can never be sure)

The Rev said...

for me its like my relationship with my wife. It is good, and real, but once a week we have a date day, we spend the day together, go see a movie, have coffee in a nice cafe. Just some special quality time.


Daniel said...

My prayer of confession:

Father, forgive me because I have taken these blessings for granted. I have not been thankful and at times shown great annoyance at my dear family and close friends.

Father, forgive me for my angry and lustful responses at time to other humans. I have viewed people as either objects that are in my way, or objects of my pleasure and advancement. Help me Lord to be truly thankful for all your blessings blessings, and help me to view and treat every human with love and respect, realising that they all contain an intrinsic dignity and value that comes from being created in Your image Father.

David said...

Dear Lord, I know that I am worthless and a constant source of irritation to you. Thank you for not killing me today and flinging my limp corpse into the flames of the sadistic Hell you created. As a True Christian, I love you with all my heart, convenience permitting, and am only glad your nasty temper was not turned on me today.

Lord Jesus, I know that your love is unconditional. All you ask is that I do everything you demand ­ and flatter you regularly and without shame or regard to the mess you make of everything you try to create.

Even though you made some noise about giving away all our possessions to the poor, please guide your Republican party to effect that which you most desire ­ tax cuts for folks rich enough to tithe.

In this I pray,

Your humble servant,

Oh, and while I have you, Jesus, I really want me one of them new Lexus two door automobiles. So please call on me to withdraw sufficient funds from the tax-free coffers of Landover Baptist Church's offshore accounts so that you may bless me with the leather upgrade and onboard navigation.


[Prayer delivered to the non-believers at the "Godless March On Washington" event on Nov. 2, 2002, by Pastor Deacon Fred from the Landover Baptist Church]

The Rev said...

perhaps you will recognize what the line is and refrain from crossing it in the future thanks


Keith Lowell Jensen said...

That's a good speech David. It's a scathing critique of a certain type of person who calls themselves a Christian.
I hope by now you have seen that this is not at all the type of people you've found here.
And please, know that there are atheist yuppie dirtbags too. No, really. Some atheists are even unattractive. I know, hard to believe, but true.
Perhaps most disconcerting, and It's you who is teaching me this one, some atheists are dogmatic and preachy.
Can you levae some more dirty poetry please? I may have deleted it from the board but you know I kept copies for myself.

How's you're digestive system doing?

David said...

I can see signs of comedic improvement. Actually, it's one of the more amusing attempts at humour from you, Keith - no shit.

David said...

"until God brings the entire earth under the rulership of the kingdom of God"

Rev, Jesus said his kingdom is not of this world. Also, this world will be destroyed in a coming judgement of God.

Are You are espousing heretical views? Perhaps you are not a true christian, but a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Anyway, we can discuss this in hell. Look forward to seeing you there.

David said...

Looking through all the offense, sincerity, bullshit, heartfelt comments and bluff, where have we arrived in our occasional discourse?

Well, I'll tell you where I have got to. I'm even more convinced that the Christian belief system is little more than meaningless mumbo-jumbo. It's based on an unreliable source, namely the Bible. It requires belief in improbable concepts that are simply too silly to be believable. What's more Christians don't like their beliefs questioned too much (actually that last statement is not a revelation, I've suspected that for some time).

Oh, an a poem expressing contempt for a common conception of God is not acceptable - I'm not sure why you thought that was crossing the line. Maybe you'll explain that one in hell, too.


The Rev said...

David, I have always treated you with respect, I do not think it is too much to ask that you have the same for me, being that it is my blog. If you feel this is unreasonable then you can start your own blog and I will probably still treat you with respect.

I actually quite enjoy people questioning my views, and debating through the issues. I have had many conversations with athiests, budhists, muslims and Christians with different view points. I do not however like people being rude, mean, crass, and generally just insulting.

You act like you have given these impressive arguements, and have provided these amazing insights. So far it seems you have just made petty insults and smart assed remarks.

If you have anything of substance to say, perhaps we might have some good talks.

As to your poem, I would not allow such a post to be made about you, or your wife on my blog. To expect me to allow such an offensive poem, that is insulting to the very core of my existence is really a bit much. Now if you would like to discuss the issues and ideas brought up in that poem, I am perfectly willing. But I will not allow such a rude and offensive poem to stay. If that poem is indicative or your idea of inteligent conversation then perhaps you are not as smart as you think yourself. Any twelve year old bogan can say the f word, sorry if I am expecting more than that from you.