Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday morning message part one (a day late)

Hello my friends. Sunday night at the cave we tried something different, with some degree of success. We decided since our musical director was missing, we might try something a bit alternative. We decided to have a service given to writing and drawing.

Please participate if you will:

We enter Gods courts with thanksgiving one of the psalms says. So we wrote down, or drew pictures of things that we wanted to thank God for.

I thank God for my family.

a great place to train

my puppy winston

And I am very thankful for what Jesus has done in my life, waking me up to the kingdom of God, teaching me about community, the primacy of the poor and the marginalized, the joy of discipleship. I thank God for the ministry I am now part of, and the amazing people I am walking the path with. I thank God for providing for my family. I am thankful that I know forgiveness, and love, and passion.

please post things you are thankful for

and then move to part 2


Anonymous said...
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The Rev said...

I removed your post as it did not have anything to do with the thread. If you would like to send the info to me by email I will watch it and may post about them in the future.

Also, if you are going to post stuff like that you might want to post your real name


David said...

This practice of thanking God - is it really a method of forming an appropriately humble attitude to our lives? Sometimes that's a good thing, I think.

Like, I could thank God for not waking up dead this morning. Or thank God for each breath of life.

Thank God I'm an atheist.

Daniel said...

I thank God that I have money to pay rent, money to buy food, money to buy my fiancee gifts, money to sponsor a beautiful child in Indonesia, money to make a difference.

Thank God that I have a family that has provided me and taught me good ethics and morals, and how to hold up under pain - even though I don't practise everything they taught me.

Thank God that I had the opportunity to go to university and be exposed to the world. Thank God for the desires of my heart. Thank God for giving me a brain and His Holy Spirit so that I can discern right from wrong, and thank God that I am given strength to choose right.

Thank God that I am loved.

Thank God for people like the Rev and his family who have denied themselves, picked up their cross and followed him, for the lives that you are impacting can have eternal results.

Adam said...

I am thankful that I can make decisions. I know that there are many who are not as privileged as I am.

Sometimes, I think I should meditate on that thought. Maybe today is a good day to do so?