Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Well I am home now

What a trip!!!

I really enjoyed seeing everybody, especially my mom. She took such great care of my and my family. Had my fourtieth birthday in the states, felt old not because of the birthday, or the silly cards and posters, but because there were so many of the young people we loved and pastored over the years that were now grown up, married, expecting kids, and venturing into the faith themselves.

I got to preach at the church Raquel and I ministered as youth pastors at. Did some jiu jitsu seminars. Ate at a posh Manhattan eatery coutesy of two friends of mine

Went to a chapel in Manhattan that was designed by Louise Nevelson and that was awesome, did some praying and some crying, it was really cool.

Gorged myself on mexican food at every opportunity.

Almost finished a painting, will put pictures up in a week or two when I do finish it.

Enjoyed the 38 degree summer quite a bit.

Stayed at the beach with some friends.

It was a great trip, but I am glad to be home. Need to get back to work. I hope to be more consistent with my blogging, hope you will visit and comment often.

the rev


David said...

Why did you come back?

The Rev said...

because this is my home now.

the rev

greg the explorer said...

Welcome back Rev...I attended the intensive in Sydney and left with many many things to think about and (if I can discipline myself) act upon. I got heaps out of Mark Sayers - loved his take on Hyper Reality, hadn't really heard much about it up till then.

Heard you were having visa issues, so i';m gald you made it back. Talked to Peter from Forge NSW about the possibility of cosponsoring a trip up here next year for you.

Anyway - very pleased to see you back in OZ