Monday, July 17, 2006

One of my heroes needs help!!!

Dave Andrews, has had all of his funding stopped by the baptist union in Queensland. This was done abruptly, and was done because they feel that Dave's work is no longer their future direction. This has had a devastating effect on the ministry including the possible loss of home for the Andrews and others as well as the loss of funding for many of their ministries.

If you would like to help, as I am helping as much as I am able and a little bit more, please contact me by email. Or you can use the donate buttons on this site and specify for Dave Andrews and I will transfer the money to him. Please pray for Dave and his family and all of the people involved with the Waiters Union. This man has inspired me in so many ways, and has quite literally changed my life through his books.



Zombie said...

The action of the Queensland Baptist Union sounds a little harsh. Did they not consider assistance in finding alternative sponsers, or is there more background to this?

Anyway, Dave Andrews work looks worthy of support (as well as your own, Rev)

The Rev said...

Well I am sure there are different takes on things, there are always a few opinions. But it is my understanding that there is a new leadership and they have a new agenda. I have not heard Dave or anyone else for that matter say one word of condemnation about this, and I am not privy to any inside information.

I do know that Dave and his family are doing great work, that is having an eternal impact, and this situation just gives my wife and I an opportunity to step up and show our support.

the rev

Vawz said...

What a joke! I know Dave is not new to the 'ways of the corporate monster'. I am at a loss as to why someone so effective in the gospel of Christ would be treated so harshly by the establishment, all he wants to do is be like Christ, and ... oh wait a minute...maybe he is...just like Christ!
Anyway we should all chip in and help out here for sure! Maybe people in the know in Bapt Q, who know of Dave and his ministry should speak up too...anyone out there??