Tuesday, July 11, 2006

time to take a breath, and pick up our visa

Got home and the next day started a five day intensive that was quite a bit of work. Well today I got to sleep in till 8. Felt good, if I didn't wake up at six thirty it would have been really nice. :)

I will try and write a bit more about the intensive tomorrow, or maybe later tonight. I also have a few things to write from our trip. But today I am going to spend some time with my wife whom I haven't really seen since I left to come home seven days ago, go get some groceries, get our visa which is being granted as I write, and then I need to go to the doctor.

Join us in celebrating the approval of our visa for the next two years, and celebrating the birth of our oldest daughter, Adriahna turns 17 today. And if you have some time please pray for my belly, not sure whats up but going to a doctor to see. Will talk more later.

the rev

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