Monday, May 29, 2006

Open Mic night at the Cave (wanna hear me sing?)

Hey friends,

Every Saturday night:

the Cave expressions

This is an acoustic open mic night at the Cave 76 St. Leonards rd. Starts at seven Pm

We will try and have one act every night and then have sign ups throughout the night. This is not just for music, but for spoken word as well, so come on out. Whether you feel like sharing or not, should be a nice night out. There is no charge, but a suggested donation of $5.00 to help pay for some new sound equipment (not great now) and to pay for utilities, (we have great gas heaters, if nothing else you'll be nice and warm)

I will be doing a set this Saturday, my play list?

Low Self Opinion by Henry Rollins

Where's the light my own

Story of my life by Social Distortion

Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen

Jesus by Michael Knott

Double by Michael knott

and maybe

Little Red Rooster by Willie Dixon

should be fun :)

the rev


DonaldDuck said...

"Hey friends?" What about those evil atheists you don't like? Betcha wouldn't invite them.

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

yes John invites atheists. And he loves them. Especially me cuz he feels guilty for beating me up as a kid.

Hey John,
If you record your set, and bring me the recording when you come out I can put it up on my site as mp3s, which I'll link from your blog.

If it works out. See you soon.

The Rev said...

yes even athiests are invited.

the rev

Gods_Rhema said...

Henry that in Black Flag or solo heheh
Mr Cohen too The Rev is a man of taste. Will you be singing the aussie aussie aussie chant? Or Warneeeeyyyyy.....

Donald Duck you should rock up if your in Vic..get into it son!

The Rev said...

it will be Rollins Band, from the cd end of silence.

the rev

KLJ said...

As long as we're talking music, and you're terrible at returning e-mails, I'm gonna do thread-jack here and post that "Pick a Bigger Weapon" by The Coup is the best communist revolutionary hip hop album so far this decade, and one of the best albums from any genre so far this year, right up there with Belle and Sebastian's last effort.

Also, happy belated birthday to your wife. Maybe I'll go post that at her site.

The Rev said...

I haven't go an email from you in weeks. And I return all of my emails.

the rev

Rebecca said...

Would you two stop bickering?

So are you gonna go DD?

klj said...

Dude! Just go check out the album. Dang!

PS: I said Dang!

Rebecca said...

I'm trying to get my head around the fact that anyone who's remotely like the Rev can be into B&S...

Not that there's anything wrong with B&S...I love them...and get very angry when my boyfriend comes out with his line about them being typical of university philosophy students who teach themselves to play guitar...grrrr...

Rebecca said...

...and now I'm trying to imagine the Rev doing a Stuart Murdoch impression...ROFLMAO

The Rev said...

Keith isn't like me at all.

I hate Belle and Sebastian, and anyone who likes them.

the rev

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Shaddup ya atheist hating, bad music lovin',... Oh wait...

I'm going to be within punching distance of you this month, Um....

Yeah, B & S, yuck, lame, um, old punk guys with accoustic guitars rule. Yeah!

Gods_Rhema said...

hahahaha... Showing the love boys awwww

Rebecca said...

You wanna have a fight about music, now, Rev?

Remember you don't punch girls. :)

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

When did he quit punching girls?