Friday, May 05, 2006

mother and child

Well sometimes we see things that are a bit uncomfortable. Yesterday as I was standing in the rain waiting for the tram to take me from Richmond to Flinders station, I looked across the street as I heard some yelling. It was a mother yelling at her little daughter (maybe four at the most) to keep up. She was in her school uniform still, with a rain slick and big rubber boots and was almost running. The mother turned around angrily and started walking again, but at such a rapid pace. She was slowly increasing the distance between her and her daughter again. Her legs so much longer were taking one pace to every two of her daughters. The daughters head was down and you could tell she was concentrating with urgency trying to increase her speed, but her mother got farther and farther away.

As the mother got to the corner she stopped and turned around clearly annoyed that she had to wait for her little girl to get there so they could cross the street together. I couldn't hear what she said to her, but the tone was sharp.

I felt so sorry for the little girl, she was trying so hard.

I wonder why we so often view God like that mum?

the rev

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urbanmonk said...

Yep, Thats a good one!

I wonder why we see ourselves as the little kid trying to catch up? Why do we think we need to catch up? Why do we need to try so hard for God? And feel inadequate for the task?

This is a nice one rev... These little things can teach us so much