Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Cave

We have decided to call the new work in Ascot Vale, the Cave. The remodel of the building is almost complete, and will soon be used for a community center. There will be movie nights where people can come watch a dvd, and share free popcorn. There will be help for kids in the neighborhood with their homework. There will be a space for doing art. There will be classes on tile mosaics. And on Sunday night we have a worship experience.

The hall is set up like an eclectic bohemian coffee house. On Sunday nights we serve coffee, tea, biscuits and toast. Everyone sits around tables. We have some music, some discussion, some teaching which may include video, discussion, excercises of some sort. We partake of communion and prayer.

We had our first service at the cave last night, and it was a wonderful evening.

We chose the name the cave for a number of reasons. The first, and most important is ofcourse, my wife said so. But to make my fragile male ego feel better I needed a few more excuses to take the name. The second is that three people came up with the same name apart from each others influence, and as it is an unusual name, that seemed significant. The thirds is the Cave can be an acronym for Churches of Christ Ascot Vale Experiment. And then ofcourse there needs to be a scriptural or philosophical reason, and I had three caves from the bible that seemed to connect with what we are doing.

The first three services I am talking about these scriptures, and I will post a brief summary of my messages here.

Elijah's cave

Elisha's cave

Lazarous' cave

If you would like to join us any Sunday night the service is at 7pm at the Ascot Vale Church of Christ on St Leonards rd in Ascot Vale. We will be having a grand opening celebration service on the 21st of May, and you are all invited to that.

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