Friday, May 05, 2006

The best wedding quote I have ever heard!!!

Went on Wednesday to the wedding of two friends, Paul and Deb. They are a an inspirational couple, both work for UNOH in Springvale, and have given their lives to the kingdom of God. It was very special watching a wedding like this, very powerful.

It seemed atleast to me that God personally gave His blessing to the wedding. As the bride finished her long walk down the stone stairs at the beautiful Murroonda reserve, and stood for a second at the edge of the crowd, a couple of kookaburra's started laughing. I really thought that was awesome.

During the grooms speach he said something that I will ever remember. "Deb and I don't have much, but we hope someday we never will" I love Paul and Deb, I pray for a long, fruitful marriage, that will bless everyone they come in contact with.

the rev

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DonaldDuck said...

Who wants to be the richest guy in the cemetery?

Although, from a non-Christian perspective, it does seem risky to not seek some material security. For many Australians this means at least there own home, hopefully fully owned before they retire.

Shouldn't people at least plan for the future when they will be too old to work?