Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Art from me and Raquel

On some of my past posts the pictures don't show up anymore, so I thought I would post a few and give you a link to look at others. The tryptich above hangs in my mothers house now.

this is one of Raquels mosaics.

you can look at some more of our art by clicking HERE.

the rev


Anonymous said...

Links are your friend. (long words don't display in a way that can be cut and pasted, making that url hard to use (load page source, find url cut and paste))

Anyway nice pieces


DonaldDuck said...

"Art from Raquel and I"

The Rev said...

thanks ducky, and loves tha

the rev

v.f.u.t.d said...

As someone who dabbles in both painting & mosaics - your (plural)work is stunning