Sunday, June 04, 2006

My friend and workmate

I won't mention his name, because he would probably just be embarassed, but I want to tell you about an amazing man that I work with at FORGE. He is one of the most friendly, compassionate and caring people I have met. His work at FORGE has been the most beneficial, and probably the most succesful addition to our team since way before I came. But I will tell you a little story about yesterday.

Yesterday, he came to our workshop, a bit late as he was busy doing other work. He showed up in time for lunch and jumped right into conversation with those at the seminar. We were running a bit late so I started teaching while others were finishing eating. But since I missed the session before lunch, I needed to stay for the following session. This guy just took it upon himself to collect all the plates, do the dishes, clean up the mess and put the leftovers away for easy removal. He missed out on the seminar, missed out on the conversations and fellowship, so he could serve. I hope I can be more like him someday. He reminds me of Jesus.

the rev


Gods_Rhema said...

good aye...bless him.

hamo said...

i think i can guess who it is. and yes - he is a great man!