Sunday, June 04, 2006

I had a vision

Tonight at the Cave we had a night of silent meditation and prayer. In a candle lit room, with the projected scriptures about the day of pentecost, we sat. For an hour we did not speak, and tried hard not to move. There was no background music to put us in the mood, or to drown out the very loud silence. We had the elements so that whoever wished could partake of communion.

During this time I felt God speak to me. It wasn't in an audible voice, but just a sense of communication. I just had a few thoughts jump into my head.

But I also had this vision:

I saw these metal holding cases, that were triangular and long. Each had a nice, ordered set of balls that were all the same gun metal gray color. It was very organized and efficient. There were probably twenty balls to each case and the shown through the holes in the side of the case. And there were so many of them. And then there was an explosion of sorts, and all of these cases were opened. All of the balls became brightly and differently colored and began bouncing chaoticly all over the place. It was just like that add on tv, with all the balls bouncing down the street.

I felt like this is what happened at Pentecost. Everything was let loose, and this amazing freedom, and individuality was unleashed and was sent off in every direction, uncontrolled and amazingly beautiful. And then I got the feeling like the church, scared by the chaos, and constant changing, began to pull all of these balls back together and put them back in their cases, and take away their colors. And there was order, and comfort again. And it made me very sad.

the rev


Gods_Rhema said...

Full on!

Sounds to me like a pouring out of the spirit in the end days. It will no doubt tried to be pulled back into conformity..and much rebuked. I dont have the gift of percieving though Rev... I may be close though.

greg the explorer said...

I guess I am the sort of person that wan;ts to be part of the releasing and colouring of the balls - not scared of the chaos or the noise. I can see in me though signs of constraining others (my children...don;t let them read this...please...) and I think I need to repent of that.

Thanks for the imagery Rev.

Anonymous said...

Depression seems to be cyclical. Dark days when brief contemplations of suicide occur have been displaced by worldly distractions. Moving house soon, work deadlines, overwhelming work deadlines.

How can the wrong words lead to rejection? Would you expect reconcilliation or shunning? Do you counter attack or look beyond the blunt facade?

Is the world too difficult to deal with? Rather the safe confines of endless church discussion with familiar people. Fortunately few people respond to the message, otherwise what tiresome work would result.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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KLJ said...

Hey John,
I logged in and deleted three posts that were just dirty limmericks.
They can be put back if you'd prefer, but I saw them as just typical cyber-vandalism and figured I'd clean 'em up.

Anonymous said...

There was a loser named Keith
An occassional pan-handling thief

Can't hold down a job
Mixes with the wrong mob

His miserable life will be brief.

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Wow. Someone get this guy a pulitzer.

Jon Owen said...

Keep going on the Cave stuff, very inspiring, an hour of silence.

How did it go for those who attended? Very intersted to hear this.

What an amazing concept the silnce is based on: God may actually have something to say!

Thanks for sharing God's word for you with us!

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

It seems John hasn't had a chance to post in a while. He may not have gotten near a compute for any extended period of time.
I'll give you all a quick update.
He and his family arrived safe and sound here in the states.
We're having a family reunion for his birthday next week. I'll bring my laptop for him to use, but I doubt there'll be wifi out by the lake.

Jon Owen said...

Thanks Keith, tell him to blog his lazy ass (that's "arse" in Aus) over there, he is quite a hit down under.