Saturday, June 17, 2006

seeing good friends

It's kinda weird! It's actually so natural, and so normal to be sitting with our friends talking, having a coffed or some nice Mexican food, that we almost feel like we never left. Almost anti-climatic its just like another day, only we are fourteen hours away from home.

But it has been really good. Last night we sat with two pregnant couples, one very very pregnant. We got to see our good friends new baby, who is actually a year old now. These are the crazy things. And the way kids grow, you leave for a few years and kids grow up. Ofcourse we know our girls inspire the same sense of time change.

Today I am doing a seminar at my old jiu jitsu club, then going to do a bit of kareoke with friends. Should be a great day.

the rev

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Anonymous said...

John you are not 14 hours away from home. You are home. The other is only temporary. LOVE MOM