Saturday, June 17, 2006

met an artist in Manhattan

When I went to Manhattan to see some of the museums, I found myself in a mass of swirling Puerto Rican madness. It was the Puerto Rico pride parade, and it basically vice gripped midtown, and made getting to the museums almost impossible. When I finally got into the Gugenheim I was in such an agravated state that enjoying it was difficult.

I figured the Met was out of the question, so I went down town and didn't really have a plan. I got off the subway at Union Square and saw some breakdancers. I stopped to watch and dropped a buck into their tray. They were not only very good dancers, but good entertainers as well.

Then I was looking at the artists on the street. There was a lot of original art, which is really cool. But this one guys art just really stood out to me. His name is Scott Newcomb, and his work is very textured and I felt very strong. I asked him about his process, and he explained how he used chemicals, wax, and metal in various ways. Often getting colors not from pigments but from chemical reactions. He also scratched, cut, and otherwise got a bit violent with the paintings. I liked them even more.

We found ourselves talking for about an hour, and I tried not to hinder any sales. He asked me about my art, we talked about spirituality within art, about where we lived. It was a really nice hour. He also told me where to find an amazing church that had a chapel designed by Louise Nevelson, who is one of my favorite artists.

In the end I couldn't leave without taking one of his pieces home with me. I bought a very small piece that looks a bit similiar to this one

and you can see more of his work at

the rev


Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Glad you're having an adventure. Happy Father's day. I'd call and tell you over the phone but I don't know how to reach you, so, this is what you get. I'm sure your girls are taking good care of you.

Nick said...

Huh, how bout that, the US and UK share the same date for fathers day... for once we aint following either of youse!

Great artwork, sounds like a cool guy... did you say he was actually selling on the street?

Looks like I'm going to do a new course at RMIT this coming semester. Adv Diploma in Fine Art. You get a studio space in the city and plenty of access to name aussie artists and international ones as well!

Go well mate and go slow on the cheese quesadias(?)

Rebecca said...

my comment got lost...??

Nice piece, and I like the idea of getting violent with it. :)