Monday, February 07, 2005


Today I helped serve breakfast for the girls college my daughters attend. I will be doing that on Tuesday morning from now on. It is a great way to spy on my girls. :) I spent a good deal of the time talking to a gentleman that helps out as well. He was a loud and friendly chap. Smelled a little ripe. Introduced me to his daughters, and they knew my daughters. Seems there is a bit of drama, my oldest got moved up a grade, and now her year nine friends are mad because she doesn't spend all of her free time with them, but she is trying to make friends in year ten. Adriahna gets her first lesson in social politics, fun for her. Anyways, we laugh about the "drama", and he tells me about his last big holiday to Florida. He tells me about visiting the NASA space center. He talked about how much fun they had at Disneyworld.

A bit later I here the scoop on him. He comes in Tuesday morning to help out. Often times after being at the casino all night, smelling of alcohol. He has had to be reprimanded for not wearing gloves when touching the food with his hands. He is sometimes a bit embarassing for his daughters.

It is interesting who we meet. Someone once said life is what happens when you were busy doing something else. Well I might say life is who you meet, while you are busy doing something else. I pray I might be a good friend to this gentleman. I hope I might call him to a better place in life. And I do respect him, that despite his problems, he gets out of bed, or off his stool, to go show some care for others.

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