Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Lent started yesterday. Though I was raised Catholic, I followed a different path for many years, and am now a "post evangelical Christianarchist", my journey has lead me back to some of the Roman Catholic traditions. Lent for me is a time of focus, and a time of preparation. Though I do believe all days are sacred, as we strive to see and hear God, we find the divine all around us, I also believe that we can gain a bit by focusing on seasons.

This year I am giving up all junk foods, and junk tv. My meditations will be upon what we take in, and whether or not it is nourishing. I will try and spend more time in feeding my spiritual nature rather than my flesh. Though I did not go to mass on Wednesday, the idea of the ashes as a symbol of mourning our own sinfulness is a powerful beginning to this time. The fact that these ashes are made from last years palms, from palm sunday, is a powerful reminder of how easily we crown Jesus as king one moment, and then turn our back on Him another.

I pray that you will experience some "preparation" for our Good Friday reflections, and for our Resurection Sunday celebrations. I know it has only helped me.

the rev

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DANIEL said...

hmm. being in a baptist church, lent hasn't even been mentioned recently, although i think i will give up something. i know- i won't buy any CDs. that's fair for me, i think, cos i buy quite a lot. so no new CDs, and no 'wasting of money' on myself. i think that's a good one, it covers junk food, it covers magazines, it covers random useless purchases. thanks for the inspiration.