Sunday, February 27, 2005

I'm back

Well it was an amazing week for me. I have been struggling with depression, not fun, but part of life for all of us I am sure. This short holiday was very good for me, helped me to pull out of it. I will write a bit more about my depression and my experiences in that in another post.

I felt things start to lift as I arrived at Wilsons prom. The stunning beauty of the place, is medicinal all by itself. We saw a kangaroo, two emus, a few wombats, and a few foxes on the way in, I imagine Aussies, when observing Americans get their first look at the Australian wildlife, feel a bit like parents watching their kids look at disneyland for the first time. I was also with a good friend from the states who had come out to visit, and was arriving at a campsite filled with the people from my faith community, as well as some other very good friends. It is quite amazing what a community of people that truly love and care for one another can do for your soul. I was feeling better immediately.

We had a great dinner prepared by one of my best mates Rob. It was an awesome vegetarian stew. A nice glass of wine, and some great company completed the evening. We chased a wombat out of our tent, got settled, and went to bed. It was a wonderful night sleep, only interupted by the wombat trying to come back in. He actually tore a small hole in the tent, but we scared him away and went back to sleep. Well atleast I did, the wife was a bit more worried about a return than I was.

I awoke to one of my favorite noises in the world, the cheerful and slightly crazy laugh of the cuckaburos. Its nice to wake up smiling. It felt like the depression had completely gone away, and I was very relieved. The day was completely overcast, the sun didn't come out til about five in the evening, but we didn't care. We just lazed around the beach, talked alot, and aside from spending an hour helping my friend train for his up coming fight, didn't do much of anything. I was feeling refreshed.

The next few days were sunny, and we spent them soaking up the precious few rays, swam out and jumped off some cliffs, took a walk through the rain forest, and ate a few more awesome meals. If you don't have a friend that is a gourmet cook, I highly suggest finding one.

Our last day there was the most incredible time for me. I had the honor of baptising my daughters, a very good friend, and one of our newer church members. I also presided over the dedication of three children from our community as well. There were about thirty of our friends and family present, and it was quite an amazing service. The scenery was magestic, I will post pictures later of the baptism at Whale Rock. Sounds like a sappy movie title.

I will admit I cried quite freely when baptising my girls. They are truly amazing young women, who have such a profound and pure faith in Jesus. It was great doing it along with a baby dedication, as I remembered dedicating them years ago, and now they were making their own decision. God is very good.

Over the next few days I will try and tell stories of specific events during the week. As well as post some of my observations and experiences dealing with my depression and the FORGE intensive.

I feel a bit on the edge again, it is not easy for me to be alone so much, and now I find myself working in an empty house. One thing I have learned is that community, true community is very hard, it takes humility, courage, and transparency. But the benefits are beyond anything else we can experience this side of heaven. One can almost become addicted to it.

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Nigel said...

Sounds like a wonderful time away at the Prom. It is a beautiful and mysterious place. I have only ever seen it in the distance and look forward to holidaying there with my freinds and family one day too.

Richard said...
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Richard said...

I love sacred spaces and moments like that. Great story. What an honor to bapize your own daughters.

I'm sorry to hear about your depression. I can relate somewhat to dark times. Some time I'll tell you about a very dark time that Deb and I went through not long ago (nope, not marriage problems).

Good to see you back, man!