Thursday, May 31, 2007

We need some help!!!

Any of you courageous souls that are up for some ministry opportunities, please let me know.

Our ministry at the Cave in Ascot Vale is growing, and the number of extra grace required people is sometimes daunting. If you have ever wanted to be in a church that is committed to small communities of care, working with the marginalized, and committed to empowering your dreams, not staffing programs perhaps you might consider joining our overworked band of radicals.



St Ali said...

I won't volunteer because I'm too distracted earning an income and worrying about my own selfish needs.

Sorry, about that.

Bless you. Jesus loves you.

Sue said...

Hi Rev

My cousin linked me to your blog about Footscray - I love Footscray too and hope to return once I've done my time in Braybrook ;)

I'm interested in getting involved in something, although calling it "church" makes me feel a bit ... well, scared :D But I'd like to hear about The Cave and what you guys and see if maybe I could slot myself in there somewhere. Drop me a line