Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mark Driscoll, and me

So I was on this website just looking around, and I run into this video

It is a church planting video by Mark Driscoll. In this video Mark uses a lot of in your face type language, and has a very direct style. His message is very male centered, and he says some offensive things about women in my opinion. If you don't fee like watching the video, which takes a bit of time to download and then view, I will give a few of the lines I didn't appreciate:

60 percent of the christians today are women, I am glad the ladies love Jesus, but if you want to win a war you need the men

Men want to know about real issues, like how to have sex with your wife, atleast once a day!

The mission is to get the men, because if you get the men you win the war

I found myself getting a bit agitated, and I wanted to engage mr. Driscoll in some debate. If I am truly honest I remembered that Mark is a big fan of mixed martial arts, and I wanted to demonstrate some of my mixed martial arts training on him. I was not only angry at the things he said, but in this arrogant, in your face style of his. Why does this guy think he is so right? And his whole demeanor is so macho, so tough guy, so male.

You know that old expression, when you are pointing at someone three fingers are pointing back at you?

Well at that moment I had a pretty intense revelation. I am just like Mark Driscoll. The difference is ofcourse that I am right!!! :) So if I dislike that so much, then what does that mean for myself? What does that mean for a guy that prides himself on not pulling any punches? What does it mean for a guy that takes pride in being someone who will say what everyone else is afraid to say? What does that mean for a guy that is a former cage fighter, bullfighter, repo man, bouncer ect.?

To be honest I don't know. Perhaps some of you may have an idea. I don't want to be a jerk, but sometimes I feel like someone has to be, and it might as well be me.

How does one be like Jesus and know when to turn over the tables, and call people sons of the devil, but also know how stop to minister to a broken woman, or distract the gaze of a hateful mob to spare the shame of an adulterous woman?

I sure don't know, but wouldn't mind the sex with my wife atleast once a day part.



upstream said...

good observation Rev!

I listened to Driscoll as I drove the other day and as I laughed myself silly at this outrageous statements I also wanted to punch him in the head.

Outrageous people bring change.

Outrageous people are extreme.

An old quote: "We dislike in others what we see in ourselves"

I think you do look in a mirror in some ways when you look at him - not on the same issues but in the confrontational tone.

Its what makes people love you - but of course its also whatmakes people hate you!

Gods_Rhema said...

Man and Woman were created equal...does he know that scripture?
Ridiculous extremity Im a State Champion Martial Artist Rev..I know some women who can woop me up into a pavlova...
It takes both sexes and in making a stand in which should come first in who comes to The Kingdom or doesnt is not anyones call except the Creator. He who comes first will be last.

Gareth LovesTha Pye said...

I doubt that his comments were sexist about the physical abilities of the sexes, but were more about the 'natural' structure of a family. This is no less offensive, and the two falicies probably go hand in hand frequently.

r. radewicz said...

Why do you think you're so right?

The Rev said...

probably because I am an egotistical fallen man. But I think I have also many years of ministry experience, and study, and a good knowledge of Jesus. Mainly the first.


Rebecca said...

upstreme...I disagree that outrageous people bring change. I think outrageous people are often "leaders", and they can "inspire" - but I think it's more boring people who often do the hard work that brings about change. At least, that's my experience. I don't think Jesus was that outrageous - yes, he was confrontational, but nowhere near as obnoxious as some of the prophets - lots of the stories revolve around him just 'hanging out' with his mates.

Rev - I don't have any answers. I have often asked the questions you're asking of myself, too.

C. Wess Daniels said...

I couldn't watch all the video, 4 min was way more than enough, and he hadn't even gotten to the really offensive stuff yet. Do you think he's just doing it to get attention? Does he really believe that stuff?

Definitely made me question my pacifism as well...

Will said...

Someone left the comment "bah" on one of my posts....I wasn't quite sure what it meant, but I thought I could pass it along to you. Perhaps you can make sense of it.

Have a nice day and don't be a stranger, I imagine, both having the power of reason and perhaps also the Holy Spirit indwelling us, we could learn a lot from one another.

Grace and peace,


Anonymous said...