Tuesday, May 15, 2007

State Youth Games

I have been invited to speak at the state youth games


Should be a good time, I will be there the whole weekend, so hopefully I will have a lot of time to actually hang out with people, and have some great conversations.



dan said...

Woohoo, pop in to Northern's site for a hot chocolate from the "cooks"

gods_rhema said...

Spread yourself thin Rev!

Gareth LovesTha Pye said...

argh, does this mean I have to go to the rallies? I thourght I'd finaly decided that they piss me off too much.

Rebecca said...

Rev, you'll get to see my homeland!!!

Anonymous said...

Visited a local youth group last night. Some members spoke at length about your talk at the games. It hit a chord with them - and fuelled a concern in them about meeting God in other people. Your pearls of wisdom are being shared in up here in Shepparton.