Thursday, May 31, 2007

A dream

Had a dream that I was working construction again. That there was lots of different groups all trying to get their particular trade done, there were accidents, there were inspections. Everyone was a bit stressed and overworked. I was loving the energy of it all. I felt like I was actually missing the job site.

Now, there are some things I do miss. I miss the feeling of completion and accomplishment. When you finish hanging drywall (plasterboard) on an entire office, you can see what you did, and sense the accomplishment. And I do enjoy the sensual nature of hard physical labour. But four decades of hard work and stupid play have created chronic back pain, and other aches, which makes this longing a bit quick in passing.

What I realized is that our church (es) are actually much like the job site now. Many people, doing many tasks, and enjoying the relationships and difficulties involved in the task. What we are building is the kingdom of God, the problems mainly come from our lack of time spent with our superintendent, and lack of following His plans. But for the most part its an ever changing adventure, and I am enjoying the task.



Gareth LovesTha Pye said...

I thourght you were going to draw a comparison about how construction gives a clean cut idea of the finished product, but religion is much more open ended (or the full task is just so huge)

Gods_Rhema said...


The Eternal workplace is where its all done mate.
It pays the best wage you can ever earn..amen.
Thanks for a great reflection Rev...helped me alot.

PS: Just clik on my name to go to a great URL of a guy who mixes sermons into beats...spread it round Rev. He needs Blessings he is truely awesome.