Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas everyone

Had a great day yesterday. Probably the most laid back Christmas we ever had. We had visited a friend the night before in the hospital, then went to church. The service was just about perfect to me. We had some Christmas hymns done lively in a medley which was just enough but not too much. We had a few Christmas bible readings. I gave a short message, and my oldest daughter lead us in a confession prayer, and then my wife delivered a communion message that was great. Martin did a wonderful Christmas blessing and we all went home.

I did receive a few Christmas presents yesterday morning, but had already gotten a big one (ashes tickets for the first three days), but probably my favorite was a book on succulents. I have gotten into growing these little plants and am a bit obsessed.

We had an open dinner that a few friends came to in the evening, and we watched a dvd.

Now if we can all pray for the rain to stop for the cricket hours the next few days, and double up at night so the fires and drought will keep getting doused that would be great thanks.

ho ho ho



Richard said...

Merry Christmas, John!!

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

Ha ha, this cracked me up. I'm getting into Succulents as well.
How funny. Guess we are brothers eh?

Merry Christmas.

I got Simpsons DVDs, Season One of SNL on DVD and some more Celine (my favorite writer at the moment.)

Also a nose clipper deal, an overnight kit for my bathroom supplies and such, a Radiohead DVD and a Harvey Pekar book (my other favorite writer at the moment.)

It's not all about the presents of course. I got to see lots of family and friends and that was the best. No for real.

David said...

Now that the Christmas season is coming to a close, do you have a schedule of events planned for the new year, Rev?

A suggestion would be for you to develop a web site listing your programs/activities/etc. By way of example, have a look at this one:

Now I know its Buddhist, but it gives you some ideas. (Also have had the priviledge of listening to the abott, Ru Sun, recently, at the invitation of my wife, - I would recommend that you go along, Rev, for some "different" teaching)

Anonymous said...

Hi John.

Apologies for commenting off-topic.

I am a PhD student studying at RMIT in the communications department. I am researching Australian religious blogs.

I would like to interview you about your blog and the context in/from which you blog.

If you're interested or have more questions, please email me at I'll email you some more detailed information about the research. You can also find out more by going to my blog at

I hope to hear from you soon.