Friday, January 12, 2007

Sorry for the long lapse

Been a bit busy, a bit preoccupied, and a bit lazy the last few weeks.

Part of my problem is I am behind three messages for my sermon on the mount talks and feel like I have to finish the ones I missed before starting anything new. And I just haven't had the motivation to do that. But I will try and get that finished in the next few days.

We had a wonderful Christmas, spent New Years Eve with a friend in the hospital. Brought her some home cooked curry. Spent a while chatting. What an amazing woman, I will have to tell you a bit more about here later. She is a truly inspiring creature. Reminded me of a Peter Himmelman song "the woman with the strength of ten thousand men".

Had a nice simple Christmas morning, had a few people from our church visit. Spent some time with a few people that were doing it tough this holiday season. It was a very good Christmas.

Spent the next three days at the MCG watching the cricket. What an amazing experience that was. Watched Warney get his seven hundreth wicket. And one of my favourite cricketers Andrew Symonds got his first century, and it was a big one. Watched thirty wickets fall in three days, simply mahvaelous.

New Years eve we had a laid back church service, talked about our hopes and dreams for next year. Then we just hung out at home, had friends from the church over. Had a nice Cuban cigar at midnight. Very relaxed.

Then spent a few days at a friends home in Anglesea. The weather was hot and wonderful, and we enjoyed a relaxing time. Had some friends come and hang out with us while we were down there.

Will be working at the Cave almost everyday for a few weeks, but will try and fill in some blanks on here before I leave. Hope you all have a wonderful new year, full of adventure, and love.


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Gods_Rhema said...

Sounds likea pretty blessed time Rev!