Sunday, January 28, 2007

taking some time off

Hey guys, I haven't been writing much lately, sorry. I have decided that I need to take some time away from the internet and get a bit more focussed on things around here. If you need to talk send me an email. Will most likely be back in a couple of months.



Jon Owen said...

All right, will do Mr. Jensen

tallskinnykiwi said...

time off??? you lazy sod! Now i am REALLY gonna kick yo lazy ass when i come down to Melbourne.

and dont think that fancy ju-jitzu rubbish is gonna save ya.

Anonymous said...

Check out

Bageera said...

Hi John, this is Dave Everitt. Want to catch up with you. Please email me or catch me at my blog:

You can get my email from website

Glad to hear you are hanging with UNHO people. Jon is a good guy.