Saturday, December 16, 2006

Fun in the sun

As I do most Saturdays I played cricket. Was such a nice day, great sun, cool breeze, perfect cricket weather.

We were playing the team at the top of the ladder and we weren't the strongest team to be fielded this year. So we started the game with the attitude of lets just have fun. And we really did. I kept til drinks, then Marcus took the gloves and I got a good long spell of bowling. We couldn't catch for most of the day, so we just took turns making fun of each other. Then we batted out our innings getting all the way to our number 11. So everyone got a bat, most of us got a bowl, and we had a lot of fun.

I found a bit of form with the ball, and they were so far ahead I got to bat against part time spinners mostly, which was fun. It was a great day, even though we lost.

After the game, our captain, who should be playing in a much higher grade but stays with us because he loves the fun of playing with a heaped together bunch of misfits, washed all the dishes, wiped the counters and the tables, and basically impressed me with his servant heart. I have lived long enough now to realize its the little things that prove a mans integrity. I pray I would be better at those little things, and you too.



David said...

You're a big picture man, Rev. With your inspirational grand vision and charismatic leadership skills, you've got no time for the little details. Leave those to you sycophantic hangers-on.

And if you've not getting completely plastered after a game of cricket, you're not a true Aussie cricketer.

So hit the piss, shoot up the meths and get into it.

Ant said...

Good work bro! Was a beautiful day for cricket.

Sounds like someone has a grudge! Remember, in the great words of Billy Burmingham, a grudge (garage) is just a place you bark your car!!!

Anonymous said...

john j its john d...was looking around at emerging church stuff and you are peppered around here and there. i have a spot showing my

hope all is well.


Gods Rhema said...

Thats it Rev...we have fun mate thats what its all about and when 11 play togeter 11 win.
Its a good gentlemans sport, let me fill you in on whats happening this season with me. We have 6 grades Im captaining 4th Grade tried to get out of it but its sincerely Gods will lol. Im traing so hard and Im the leading player statistic wise out of 66 players. God is blessing me and I dont deserve it, hes the best.

Keep training hard for the fruit to arrive mate. Blessings.
M.C. aka {Gods Rhema}