Monday, March 27, 2006

Time for a diet

Well, I have been on a see food diet for a while. You know, see food and then you eat it. I have also been a bit too liberal in my beer drinking, not drinking too much at once, just drinking too much per week. And I think my body is mad at me.

Today I start a diet to get me back on the right track. Not really concerned with how I look, cause...

I look good!!!


But more concerned with my health, and my lack of energy.

But that leads me to me point. Whenever I diet, I cannot do it like a normal person. No cutting back on a few things, beer only once on the weekends, eat a bit more veggies. No, I cannot actually stay on a diet like that. For me it has to be extreme in one way or another. Now I don't mean straving myself, (though I have done that for weight cutting purposes in the past) I mean more like, no carbs, or maybe all organic food. I need a challenge, or else I am just not interested.

My faith is a bit like that as well. When things are comfortable, just cruising along... Well I don't do very well. I need to be out on the edge, doing something creative, something bold, something that takes up my attention, and give outlet for my passion. Now is a time like that for me, and I feel like I am really reaching stride. I know not everyone is like this, but it just seems to me that maybe when we extend ourselves far enough, we have to depend on God, and to seek Him. Maybe being extreme is being the most safe, I don't know, but it works for me.

My diet? Well its gonna be raw veggies, raw nuts, fruit, and a little bit of fish, no dairy. Lots and lots of water, and I am gonna try to excercise more. But the biggie, the one I am most scared about... No coffee. Now I can't handle a full blown caffeine withdrawal, so I am switching to green tea. But I am gonna wait a week for that,

Wish me luck

the rev

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Anonymous said...

I forsee an increase in gaseous rectal emissions. Some advice: Carry a warning sign (e.g. a sandwich board), and don't where all white suits during preaching.

Take note of the following cautionary tale: