Monday, March 20, 2006

Jesus the rockstar

Well, Jesus wasn't a rock star, ofcourse, but one of the verses I read today made me envision a rock star, or a movie star. Though not as glamorous. There was not limo, and no big security guards with mean scowling faces.

At the end of the first chapter of the gospel of Mark Jesus heals a leper. He does so in a very unsafe manner. Touching one unclean, was not the accepted practice. But Jesus then very carefully instructs the man to go and fulfill the law, and in so doing win back his rights to worship in the temple. Showing the priests that he is clean. But Jesus also very carefully tell him to tell nobody what has happened.

I am stuck by the difference between Jesus and the modern day healers, or for that matter myself. We call for a few camera's, and have someone write a press release. Maybe have a doctor interviewed for those idiots who think we come from monkeys. Pitch a tent and take an offering.

Now, I like to think of myself as a bit less garrish than those big haired televangelists. But, I will admit, I would feel the pressure to tell people. If for no other reason than to justify myself to my critics. But which one of us doesn't want to have people think well of us, and which of us would not want to extend God's kingdom? Jesus however says, "don't tell anybody"

The leper, thinking this is a totally unreasonable request tells everybody. And then Jesus, is mobbed by people. His response to this is to leave the city, and go out into the desert, where He will not be mobbed. He does not want the celebrity, he stays away. He doesn't draw on the currency of His miracle, but rather retreats to solitude. But His love for us compells Him back again, and it isn't long before word gets around He is in the house.

I really want to be like Jesus when I grow up.

the rev


Matt Glover said...

Posts like this are the reason I read your blog. Brilliant.

If you want to be like Jesus, then, when I grow up, I'm happy to say I want to be like you...;)

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about this lately, and wondering if it might be good to do good acts publicly.
Perhaps then the rich and powerful seeking a legacy might follow the example of Bill Gates. Sure he's evil and the devil incarnate, but he's doing more to deal with aids in India than most governments.
I wonder if a good act might be an even better act if it's also held up as a good model. Sure this would have folks acting in the right way for the wrong reasons, but isn't that better than those folks acting in the wrong way for the wrong reasons?
And perhaps the end result on said people is the same. You can fake smile and end up smiling for real. Cause and affect often turn out to be reversable like that.

Not meaning to be argumentative, though that is a kid brother's job, but I've been mullin' this one over lately.

The Rev said...

Perhaps Jesus was not concerned so much with the fame, but rather continuing to build a subversive grass roots movement, that did not trade upon celebrity, but rather goodness, and love.

But my point was not about good deeds, it was about the intent of leaders to be in the limelight. Jesus was the opposite it seems. And even though he shunned the spotlight, his love forced him back into it, even against His will.

the rev

Keith Lowell Jensen said...

I hear you, and I can certainly admire that trait, the not needing the limelight and the adoration to do right.
I just wonder if it's a practical model for us non divine humans. Would society be better off if we were loud and proud about our good deeds?

The Rev said...

well I believe it is better for me to be that way, and I suppose protecting my integrity in the end will be better for the world as well. I mean look how much crap Bono catches because he is a rock star, if he didn't get any publicity for it, but still used his celebrity to do the amazing things he does, perhaps both he and the things he does would cop less abuse.

And I would also add that you are in no way unbiased, you attention whore you!!! I think you would be happier if your every breakfast was filmed just incase something funny happened. :)

the rev

urbanmonk said...

Im just glad you finally posted something so we can talk (write) some more.

I like the point that Jesus stole away to "desolate places."

That he warned people not to reveal who he was.

Was it his love that forced him back into the "limelight" or the sheer force of what weird stuff does to masses of people?

I found one of the best quotes on leadership the other day, by Lao Tzu

"Be gentle and you can be bold, be frugal, and you can be liberal; avoid putting yourself before others and you can be a leader among men."

Kieren Green said...

I like the Lao Tzu quote. Some of these non-Christian philosophers probably had more wisdom than Jesus.

Perhaps growing recognition can be a natural process without any effort on the part of people like yourself, Rev. Even without seeking fame, one's reputation can grow to global proportions.

By the way, I noticed your usage of the phrase "for those idiots who think we come from monkeys". Does this mean you don't countenance evolutionary theory at all, Rev? You don't think that humans and monkeys share a common ancestor? I have a follow up question on this one, by the way.

The Rev said...

no bro, I was just using a bit of sarcasm, I believe evolution was the method in which God created the animals that inhabit this earth.

Don't know what you mean by people not needing people like me to grow, I am pretty sure I never said they did. I learn from everyone, I am not a precious snowflake, just the living dancing crap of the world.

Good to hear from you monk, was nice to have dinner at your house, wish you were there. Not very surprising that the monk would appreciate Jesus going to the desert :)

Great quote

the rev

urbanmonk said...

You mean the manse at ascot vale I take it. Ive got memeories of that place that go back to 1983.

be careful, I am a precious snow flake. unique I mean.

Hey Keiren... Ive read some Contemplative Christian theology that sees all religions, Hindu, Bhuddist, Islamic, jewish etc.. as all containing part of Gods revelation of himself to humanity. Perhaps God is teaching us how to live through the wisdom of Chinese philosophy? and the reverence of Islam.. and the renunciation of Hinduism...

the word Bhudda means, "I am awake."

Reading the biography of Ghandi, I was impressed that he identified himself as hindu, Christian, moslem..

Whaddaya think of that one rev?

urbanmonk said...

BTW rev, re: your comments on Bono.. He certainly seems to be a bit of an anomaly. The Christian left are jumping on his bandwagon these days. What were they doing when he was striding across the stage as "Mcfisto" on the popmart tour.. Complete with red horns, evil face make up, and a silver suit... Poor bono, they said... succumbed to the worldliness of Rockstardom. Fallen away from the true faith, they said. Tsk! Tsk!

The Rev said...

I personally love Bono, especially when he said on live American television "fuck the mainstream" which I thought was brilliant irony, and funny as. The Christian left, atleast in America is a very small bunch.

I might have assumed you were the child of the wrong family. I had dinner at the Steve and Beths house. I thought you were their son. If you aren't comfortable talking about it on here, let me know who you are really related to in an email. I am learning so many names, and relations, I am a bit overwhelmed :)

the rev

urbanmonk said...

I know this conversation is probably dead and buried.. but Keiren, I dont think the Lao Tzu quote is that far from what Jesus is on about..

Kieren Green said...

Jesus may have got some of his ideas from Lao Tzu.

Elisa said...

Hey John, I just want to say that I agree with Matt Glover, although I do not know who he is. This was a brilliant post. I also want to be like you, except not so big. Hey...does it seem funny that your post on Raquel being a vegetarian has generated 35 posts so far? Wow.I miss you a lot, you are still my hero. xo

Alex said...

On one or two ocassions Jesus also told people to go and tell all about what God had done for him (although I think he was also high tailing it out of town). And something about 'if I be lifted up I will draw all people to me'? But I suspect you're worried about drawing all people to 'me', not to him :-)

The Rev said...

Yeah Raquel is such a shit stirer. Elisa, Matt is a cartoonist and you should visit his blog, he is a good guy, but I am only saying that because he likes me.

Alex, it is interesting that he told people that only when he was leaving. I also see the scripture about Jesus being lifted up to be talking about his death, not his life, do you think so?

the rev