Wednesday, March 29, 2006

things have changed

When I woke up this morning I had a remembrance. Not sure if I was dreaming about it or not. But I remember watching a movie about a native american (we called them indians back then) and a frontiersman that had become best friends. At one point the indian took a knife and cut the other mans hand, and then cut his own, then he clasped hands with the white man, and wrapped their hands with a white rag that became a bit less white.

They became blood brothers. This was a way of saying we are now of the same blood, we are now family.

Ofcourse my best mate and I immediately did the same thing. Although, we just scratched ourselves with pocket knives, and our hankerchief didnt' actually get much blood on it. It was our way of saying we are best friends forever. We were probably eight years old.

It is interesting in this day of HIV and AIDS how important blood is now. I would guess even a child would not do this anymore. I mean we stop a wrestling tourney, go running for the bleach bottle and will even disqualify a competitor if we can't completely contain the blood.

And mine is a bloody religion. I was made a blood brother with another in a far more gruesome, and universal act years ago. And I celebrate this bloody act often. The life is in the blood.

the rev

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