Monday, March 27, 2006

My new job

Well my friends, I have started a new job. Its not really a new job, but rather a new phase of my job. I have begun to work with the Ascot Vale Church of Christ. We have been talking over the last few months, and we have decided to see just what God has in mind. I am very excited.

The group of people at this church are wonderful. They have such a heart for mission, and are currently reaching out in beautiful ways to their neighbors, particularly new settlers. I have joined them to add some additional projects, and to help them to continue their wonderful work. I will be joined in this by my wife and daughters, (we pretty much are a package deal), one of the FORGE interns from last year Dan, and an intern from this year Anthony.

We will be starting a Sunday night service that will be a diverse, challenging, creative and hopefully interesting. We will be opening the church building as a drop in center (lounge, coffee, table tennis, homework help, art workshops ect.) . We will be hoping to start additional congregations in the neighborhood. We are already working to help some settlers with their English. As well as working on growing together with our new community.

If you could pray for a few things:

I am very busy now and need to get better at my time management

New things and change are always hard

I would like to find someone to teach me Arabic

To find some more workers for the harvest

For Dan to find work and a place to live in Ascot Vale

and most of all, for those of us involved, a fresh filling of God's Spirit

If you would like to help, or know anyone who might want to help we have some practical needs as well:

We need some tradesmen, (there are some things we need to do, and some things we want to do), to help with some renovation

We need some funds for materials and equipment

I am very honoured and excited to get this opportunity, and I pray we will see much fruit over the next few years.

the rev


backyardmissionary said...

hey mate - goodonya!

look forward to hearing what develops as you take a (for you) radical new direction :)

KLJ said...

Why are you wanting to learn Arabic? Will you be wroking within a largely Arabic community?
I would love to speak Arabic, so I could watch Al Jazera, and spell it right too.
And speaking of your daughters, tell 'em they owe their Uncle Monkey a letter.

john jensen said...

we will be working with Sudanese families, they generally speak arabic as well as a tribal language.

the rev