Wednesday, January 11, 2006

mmmmm gumbo

Had a wonderful surprise today. A friend from the states, that I actually don't know all that well, decided to send us a little care package for Christmas. Packages of gumbo and dirty rice, and some cajun spices. Had gumbo tonight, and man it tasted so good. With some fresh French bread and a glass of cab sav. It is the little things that you enjoy isn't it?

What really blessed me is this wonderful couple took the time to really think about what we (really I :) ) would be missing, and sent it to me. I desire to do the same, to be that kind of person. I was really blessed by a simple gift, isn't it the inexpensive, thoughtful, relational things that make life really worth living?

the rev


Christop said...

What's gumbo?

The Rev said...

Gumbo is a spicy stew, with seafood, and rice. Its base is a very dark roux which is hard to make.

the rev

Anonymous said...

You can actually make it (base or roux) from scratch but it burns very easy - so the easiest thing was to send you these prepackaged boxes where all you have to do is add the meat and water. I looked all over town for boxes of Etoufee - which is similar but different; must not be a very big calling for it in Alabama. Glad you enjoyed it and you're right - sometimes it's the simple things that makes life special. When I told Skip about your post, he said it's all you. Not true, I would not be who I am without him. Take care and enjoy! later, lawdymama